Jos Thone Pigeons


This is just a few of the results from these pigeons

1st BICC Alencon 2017 5,654 birds
1st ace pigeon award winner in the mnfc
1st Section 233b 7th Open NFC Saintes 5315b
1st club 236 birds 1st section 2465 birds 4th fed 5715 birds Huntingdon
1st club 249 birds Bovingdon 1st section 2730 birds 1st fed 6620 birds Bovingdon
1st club huntington ymr club 279birds won by 26 yards
1st club arras ymr club 37 birds won by 23 yards
1st club 402 birds Kettering 2nd open 3,884birds
1st club 153 birds Buckingham 8th Section 1.329 birds.
1st Club Littlehampton 238b.
1st Club Littlehampton 168b
1st club, 1st fed Tours
1st club 1st fed Messac
1st sec L.S.E.CC classic.
2nd Section 10th Open NFC Poiters 5954b
2nd Sect 10th Open NFC Poiters
2nd club 611birds 2nd fed 2950 birds
2nd club 279birds huntington
2nd club 356 birds 4th section 2743 birds Huntingdon
3rd sec 41st open MNFC Tours
3rd club 6th section 7th fed 2697 birds Huntingdon
3rd club 354 birds 8th fed 2273 birds
4th sec 67th open MNFC Tours
4th club 332 birds Reed
4th club 288 birds Maidstone
4th club 7th club 81 birds 4th section 2743 birds Huntingdon
4th club 247 birds 6th fed 1109 birds
4th club 153 birds Buckingham
4th club 216 birds Bedhampton.
5th Section Guernsey NFC YB.
5th club 176 birds Eastburne
6th club 250 birds Billericay
7th MNFC open Fourgeres 5903b
7th club 159 birds Huntingdon
7th club 328 birds Reed
7th club 90birds 10th fed 357 birds 142miles Peterbrough
7th club melton mowbray skinningrove club 389birds 16th e.c fed 1745 birds
8th Sect Guernsey, 9th Sect St Malo NFC
8th club 426birds 24th. Fed 1680 birds Peterbrough 142miles
8th club 430 birds 23rd fed 1701 birds Melton mowbray 126 miles
9th club 613 birds 38th.Fed 2732 birds Melton mowbray 126miles
9th club 274 birds Kettering.
9th club 261 birds Buckingham
10th club 100 birds Huntingdon
10th club 242 birds and 55th fed 1153 birds
11th Section 101st Open National Bordeaux (On the Day).
12th Open Combine WOESRC Hastings 467b
12th club maidstone yearling race skinningrove club 163birds 48th e.c fed 614birds
14th club 159 birds 40th fed 745 birds Melton mowbray 126miles
15th club 402 birds Kettering
17th Open Combine WOESRC Hastings 467b
18th Combine WOESRC Hastings 1486b
20th. Club 325 birds 54th Fed 1636 birds Clermont 368miles
21st club huntington skinningrove club 311birds 43rd e.c fed 1443birds
21st club 373 birds 62nd fed 1657 birds
24th MNFC sec 125th open MNFC Tours
26th Combine WOESRC Hastings 1486b
41st section Carentan mnfc
53rd Section mnfc chale
66th section mnfc chale


Young bird category. 2nd 3rd 10th
Open bird category. 1st 2nd 4th 6th 7th

Young bird category 2nd 3rd 8th
Open bird category
1st, 2nd 3rd 4th 9th. Derby category
1st 2nd

Young bird category. 1st 3rd
Open bird category. 1st 9th 10th
Derby. 1st 8th500km
Young bird category. 2nd
Open bird category. 2nd
Derby. 1st